The High-Touch course to get your online business purring like a well-oiled kitten

Mixed metaphors aren't the only thing you'll be up to your armpits in.

You've been in business a while... but it's not growing the way you wish it was...

You're ready to scale your offering and get someone to help you with the fiddly things, but you have yet to find that person (or even start looking)...

You know what you do is valuable, and works and people love you and you KNOW that more people could benefit from your work, if you could just tear yourself away from all the shitty little jobs you don't really know how to do, don't like doing or just don't want to do...

You are ready to up-level, but your business systems haven't yet received the memo...

Give your business the boss it deserves... 
the boss it needs to take you to the next level! 

  • Align

    Maybe you've accidentally built a business that demands too much from you. Tame the beast and work only in ways that suit YOU and your tribe.

  • Systemise

    You've built your business. You're known & loved. All you need now are a few simple systems to SCALE your business.

  • Scale

    It's time to go from 1:1 to 1:many. It's time to live in your zone of genius. It's time to start running your business LIKE A BOSS.

What will change

Gah! I don't even know where to start... I can sell my thing, but it's a sh*tfight every time I launch... I can't remember what comes next, let alone where I put that password... SOS!

  • Personalised workflows and processes for your business

  • An outsourcing roadmap... how to advertise for, hire, on-board + effectively manage your new team member

  • A detailed client journey map to plot your unforgettable impression points

  • An email marketing plan, complete with sexy, non-spammy automation series + regular communications plan

  • Social media and chunky content plan your tribe will gobble up and love you for

Ready to BE THE BOSS your business needs you to be?

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“Claire sorted out all my tech niggles and we planned a whole launch and opt-in email sequence for a group program I’m creating. Claire’s an easy-going, naturally generous, and creative soul, and a total wizard at planning and systems and coming up with the goods.”

Raquel Dubois, Somatic Trauma TherapistRaquel Dubois, Somatic Trauma Therapist

“Claire's helping me cope with the serious up-levelling I’m doing at the moment and making my systems and processes better for my client experiences, as demand increases for my services. She's a pivotal part of my success thus far; she has helped the impossible to already have been achieved!”

Kristan Kershaw, Holistic Health CoachKristan Kershaw, Holistic Health Coach

“Claire Barton - you’re the most organised person I know… and now you’re helping so many other women to do the same. You’re driven, ambitious and you know how to party!”

Tash Corbin, Business Coach & MentorTash Corbin, Business Coach & Mentor

“I’m at the scale and systemise phase of my biz now, and Claire has systems galore. She generously showed me how to look after my VIP clients and gave me even more ways to nurture the ones in my Academy. I now have a new welcome email series, a colourful new plan for tracking my clients and a bunch of inspirational workflows. ”

Denise Litchfield, ClairvoyantDenise Litchfield, Clairvoyant

“Claire is fast, efficient, clear and an expert in her coaching and supporting me in planning. I felt more motivated, and feel relaxed, less stressed and absolutely trust her to organise my biz. Claire has been a coach, a mentor and supported me to get things done. I highly recommend Claire to support your biz, help take the load off and bring you more clarity around your next steps. ”

Julie Nelson, Artisan PerfumerJulie Nelson, Artisan Perfumer

“I am feeling so refreshingly on my way to being organised in a really beneficial way after a session with Claire. Creating space and meaning, learning what to outsource, what is weighing me down… seeing myself for my strengths and letting go of the WonderWoman dialogue. ”

Annie Radha Holcombe, Yoga Studio DirectorAnnie Radha Holcombe, Yoga Studio Director

The Boss is calling...

... (that's YOU by the way)...

Put me in the game, coach!
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Who should join?

You're ready to scale and systemise #LikeABoss

This is for you if:

- your business is growing but your systems can't support you to deliver how you want

- you want to provide a unique and quality experience for your tribe

- you need to find a VA or someone to support you in the techy, admin functions

- you're ready to automate some functions of your business

- you can dedicate some time and energy to transforming how you work in order to take back your time

- you know your content creates connection

Who shouldn't?

This is NOT for you if:

- you can’t commit to a few hours per week (we have a looooot to do, including recruiting your VA in shining armour, planning your world domination and growing your list, to name a few)

- you haven't started selling your services yet (we need some proven product to build our systems around)

Join now

We start on November 7th - BETA round goes for approx. 14 weeks (time off over Christmas)

  • $333.00 / month

    for 3 months (beta round)

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  • $899.00

    Up-front payment (Save $100)

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Email if you have any unanswered questions...

  • How can I tell if my business is ready to 'Scale & Systemise'

    Typically, you will already be selling your range of services and products. You may be selling out and unable to deliver more 1:1 services in a timely manner. You may be finding that your current systems aren't able to provide the service to your clients that you'd ideally like and know that with someone on your team and/or some processes in place, you won't have to do it all yourself AND you'll be able to serve better as well.

  • I have a course or leveraged product ready to go or in my head. Can you help me get this out into the world?

    It might be time for you to stop exchanging time for money in 100% of your services. Courses and leveraged products are ideal to start to run your business Like A Boss and get some balance back in your life.

  • Are there any apps or systems I already need to have?

    There are sooooo many business apps and tools to help you and business work efficiently and effectively, and which ones you choose are entirely up to you. As there's a large focus on Email and Social Media Marketing, having accounts in your desired platforms (Active Campaign is my provider of choice) will be helpful. As long as you know how to use yours (or are happy to get someone to help you), that's totally fine. We also use tools such as Zapier and Asana to organise workflows, automations and other funky things.

  • Does Like A Boss come with accounts for any 3rd party apps?

    No. Most tools/functions I will teach you are free, but some may require a paid membership. If you choose to sign up for any of these, you are solely responsible to purchase them.

  • When are the Live Calls?

    Most Live Calls will take place on Wednesday mornings, from November 7th (for the first round in Beta). All calls will be recorded and will be available for you to watch within 24-48 hours (in the learning library). Some calls will be live training, while some will be Q&A.

  • Will you provide a VA to help me?

    Nope, but the very first thing we're going to focus on is getting you your very own support person. I'll show you how to advertise for, interview, on-board and delegate to your new person. If you already have a VA, you can use these tools, training and swipe files to refine your systems and check in on things like expectations, communication and effectiveness of your current team.

  • How long does the course go for?

    Normally, Like A Boss will be a 10-12 week program. In Beta (starting 7th November 2018), it will extend to 14 weeks so we have some down time over Christmas and school holidays (and it'll be a nice buffer if you need to catch up on anything)

  • Who else is doing Like A Boss?

    We'll have a Facebook Group for all live (and possibly past) participants. During the O-Week, we'll have a chance to meet each other and I'll also encourage you to hook up with an accountability buddy (or 2) if you feel that would help. The first round in particular is going to be high-touch... that is, I will be in and out each day to help with your questions and support you through the processes we're going to be updating your business with!

Who's Running the Show?


  • Claire Barton

    Claire Barton

    Business Strategy & Systems Geek, Coach & Consultant

    Claire has a beautiful, flexible, online business and helps to strategise, teach, transform and implement Business & Online Marketing Strategy and Productivity to women in service-based online business. She works with Game-Changing women who have big ideas to create connection, change and ease in their business and in the lives of their tribe! Claire also has 2 little kids, an escapee dog, a deep and everlasting love for red wine and a closet obsession with 90s rap…

C'mon, BOSS...

We start on November 7th - BETA round goes for approx. 14 weeks (time off over Christmas)